Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Hottest greek guys " Kostas Martakis "

oop!What up's guys? I would like to say ,we are in greece.Waht you guys thininkg beach, hot guys, Mediterranean foods, and sunny.I know ,you guys think like in a heaven but if you guys see this guys,i pretty sure.You guys will buy tickets to go to Greece to find this hottest guys.ok let see him in our blog hot guys.

Kostas Martakis

Who is Kostas Martakis?
He is a hot greek singer and model guys(this guy is really charming because he has a black hair and blue eyes,What you guys think?)

When was he born?
25 May 1984

Where was he born?
Athens, Greece

How can he became a singer?
He first gained fame on the reality talent show Dream Show.(Who guys know that?)

What is his education?
He graduated from American College of Greece in computer technologies (Who guys want to study overthere?)

What is his firs song?
Panta Mazi

Awords and nominations?
Eurovision Song Contest 2008

How to follow he?